Stage Templates

Feeling creative? Or just want a bit of payback for last months stages? Well here's your chance! Just click on the Bays you want to design or click on the 'Stage Pack' to download a ZIP file with all the stages and have a go at it! You will need Microsoft Word or Open Office to edit. Once you have your stages done, email them to Dusty Devil Dale - Sheriff.


Note: The Stage Targets Template file has symbols for all the targets, to use them just copy and paste them to the other bay templetes. These quality target symbols make designing stages a walk in the park! Courtesy of Sinful from Chorro Valley Regulators.


Bay 1 - Red Bull Saloon & Snakebite Whiskey

Bay 2 - Etta's Place

Bay 3 - The Mine

Bay 4 - Blacksmith (Or as we affectionately call it 'Tucson's Door')

Bay 5 - Fort Miller Jail

Bay 6 - Hell Town

Bay 7 - The Ore Cart and Flying Bull

Bay 8 - Fort Miller

Stage Targets Template

Target Count Master Spreadsheet

Stage Pack (All Eight Stages in a single ZIP File)